Monday, November 10, 2008

A Moment of Clarity Is All I Need

Have you every had a relationship (romantic or working or whatever) in which communication seems nearly impossible. When every exchange of words is a struggle for clarity and understanding? I work with two people like this and I don't know why but this struggle for meaning and clarity (over menial and seemingly simple requests) is beginning to seep into my home life.

For instance, I ask RF to what the price is on some item he sent to one of our customers. I hate asking him anything, but it is occasionally necessary, this time because he didn't specify on his packing list. Which is something he typically does in abundance.
Seriously, it's rediculious; one time he turned in a gas reciept for the delivery truck. He used the company card so I knew, exactly what it was just looking at the reciept. But just to be helpful he wrote on the reciept "Gas, Foundry". Cool. But in case that was not enough, he then tapes the reciept to a full sized peice of paper and writed in blue sharpie "Foundry, Gas on MasterCard!!!". Because the reciept from Arco that said Mastercard - Foundry xxxx,wouldn't have been clear enough?!?

RF can not just answer a question? He has to delve into this long winded story, telling me repeatedly that he knows I dont need all this information and/or "I know you dont care", about where the part comes from, what it's for and what we charged five years ago and each price increase since then and the reason behind each price increase and how my use of the heater, when he left the door open, is causing global warming in some abstract way... to conclude that the price we charged 6 months ago is the current price because our boss has a deal worked out with that specific customer so they aren't currently charged a metal surcharge...
um, thanks... what was the original question??

Why can't I just get a straight to the point, no extra details crap, honest to goodness clear answer? Is that really too much to ask? Possibly.

I ask my love what he wants for dinner, and he says either "Food" or "Whatever you feel like making."
This, of course, flusterates me to no end, because clearly if I had some idea of what I wanted to eat I would say:
"my love, hows chili sound for dinner?" as I'm chopping the veggies and cooking the meat to throw in the pot that is already simmering.
"my love, wny don't you start the grill so these steaks are done when the potatos are ready?"

I pretty much know what he likes, but I tend to get stuck in ruts so I ask him for input in order to mix things up a bit. But I am learning to provide options...
"my love, would you rather have chicken or pork ribs?"
to which he typically says
"whatever you want to make honey."
But on occasion, he'll actually make a counter suggestion:
"How bout tortellini, that's quick and easy, so then you can relax."
Yea, it's the little things that keep me loving him! Truly.




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