Friday, February 26, 2010

Yoga, Boobs, and Office Space

Why is it that every time I start to do something awkward in my office, like research on breast augmentation or yoga practice, I get interrupted? Yet, if I'm just standing at my desk playing on Facebook or reading the doom-and-gloom, everyone leaves me alone.

It never fails.

After and hour of this:

No phone calls, No visitors, No irritating nosy more-OCD-than-I co-workers popping in.

I decide to bust out this:

or attempt

and then there was the time I was looking at this: CLICK! when the boss walked in.

What do they thing this is, a place of business or something? I'm blogging here.

They, my co-workers and my boss, just laugh at me. There really isn't anything I do that suprises them anymore. Maybe the boob thing, but even that didnt generate a negative comment or snicker.

I just wonder why it is that if I stand here and do nothing all friggin' day, no one needs me. But the second I try to "better" myself, everybody needs something 'right now'.




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